Computer Maintenance

Regular computer maintenance is very important and is usually overlooked until there is a problem, but by then it’s often too late. All computers –whether for business or home use- require updates and maintenance to ensure they continue to function and operate properly, just like your car does.

With new software being installed and downloaded, memory being used, each computer changes over time. Unfortunately, these changes, no matter how minor, could potentially cause a problem without you even knowing it. Performing Maintenance Services (Tune-Ups) ensures that your computer is always in tip-top shape, and prevents a lot of computer problems that will also save you time and money.

Using our unique 39 point checklist, including deleting temp files and defragging the hard drive, our Tune Up will get your computer back up and running to its full potential, while reducing the risk of lost data, virus infections, computer breakdown, and many other issues.  Contact us for a Tune Up today!


What is a virus and why do you need to remove viruses from your computer? A computer virus is a program or script that harms your computer’s health, causing it to run slow, malfunction, corrupt or lose important files. Viruses can create multiple duplicates of themselves and travel across Computer Networks to infect other computers. You can risk hardware damage, Operating System corruption and possibly complete failure. If your computer is on a Network, you can spread this to all other computers as well.

What is spyware? While spywares do not duplicate themselves and spread or cause data loss, these programs can invade your privacy. Spyware can capture confidential information like passwords, credit usernames, card information, email addresses, surfing habits, etc. If left in your computer, they are capable of sharing your personal information across the Internet. The most common sign of a spyware is that your PC will have problems connecting to the Internet or running very slow.

What is adware? Cousin to spyware, doesn’t normally duplicate or cause data loss. You usually get adware by downloading or installing a ‘free’ program. These ‘free’ applications sometimes have built-in advertisements that automatically play, show or load on your PC to generate revenue for its author. If integrated with spyware they can invade your privacy as well. Remember nothing is free.