Computer Networking

Computer Networking is when 2 or more computers are connected to each other, allowing a group of computers the capability to share information between multiple systems. These Networked Computers are linked through networking devices and connect to your computer either wireless or with a cable.

Computers can be connected to Networks in various ways—from basic Internet connection between rooms in the house, to more sophisticated Business Networks across countries. Whether for home or business use, we have experience in all facets of Computer Networking: Installation, Maintenance, and Security.

We can discuss options and advise you on Network Solutions for your Home or Business. Since we take the Security of your Network very serious, we will also advise you how to keep your documents, e-mails, and programs safe for you and/or your customers.  We are here from problem solving your existing issues, Installation of a new Network, Security for both, or any support you might need later in your Network.

We have products available to accomplish this like Routers, Firewalls, and Switches as well. Contact us with any questions. 218-321-HERO (4376)