Computer Remote Access Support



The Computer Hero Remote Computer Support service is a time-saving way to troubleshoot and/or resolve many computer issues, including virus removal. No need to bring it in to our location and wait for a tech to diagnose it, no travel time, no bad roads or bad weather. Call us to set up a session and begin helping you as soon as possible.

Via our secure Remote Server, our technicians can securely connect to your computer and view exactly what error/s you see on your screen. Thus, we can analyze and resolve your computer problems on a real time basis. Plus, Remote Computer Support allows us to readily and efficiently answer most of your concerns right there in the session. Our customers love the benefit of being able to show them how to install an application, run a program, configure their email, etc. while they are on the phone.

Best of all, Remote Computer Support allows us to assist you right in the comfort of your own home! Our technicians have many solid years of experience repairing computer issues remotely from any location, and are ready to help you.