Data Recovery & Backup

Information on your computer or network is as valuable as most of your other property. Unfortunately, “it’s not a matter of if, it is a matter of when” electronics have failures, and NEVER at convenient times. We always hear, “I was going to back up my data but then I got busy”. This crucial information can be easily lost, hacked or destroyed without a reliable Data Back-Up plan. There are many ways data can be lost; whether hardware failure, software problems, viruses, system failure, human errors, or all can mean the same thing- DATA LOST.
When this scenario happens- we try our best to recover data from the damaged drive.We usually are successful and we have many tools to use to capture those precious memories or documents for you, but sometimes we can’t. This service is available at a capped rate of one hour, but depending on the amount of data you need recovered it can take weeks of effort. In horrific cases, if you definitely need the data and we have exhausted all our tools here, we are partnered with very reputable companies that can retrieve the lost data, at a price.

Data Back-Up either Online or Offsite is the best for Data Loss Prevention. We have a few options, so call us to discuss them and see which one fits your needs best.
Along with having an efficient Back-Up solution in place, Data Recovery also plays a vital role for businesses. To be on the safer side, creating Back-Ups should be a high priority. The Computer Hero offers solutions to copy your data daily/weekly securely, either by someone in your business onsite or remotely by The Computer Hero Team, giving you peace that you have a plan in place.

Prevent Data Loss and Business Interruption by having a solution in place. Don’t wait until it is too late, contact us to discuss your options today