Let’s face it whether you love the latest technology or just want to look at E-Mail and Facebook, technology has become increasingly important in just about all businesses and homes. The Computer Hero understands that businesses and individuals rely on fast and efficient computers.

For business owners, partnering with us means that we become your scalable IT Department. Now you can have access to true high level IT Technicians and Managers. We can take on just about anything you can throw at us, from Networking and Server issues down to individual desktops. We will be there at every stage to help you grow your business. Remember we are business owners too, that added experience helps us to help you! Let us take care of your IT headaches so you can get back to growing your business.

Computer Repair Services

The Computer Hero is a full-service computer repairs company that caters to small businesses and residential users. We have a highly skilled PC support team with an extensive array of expertise in all things related to fixing computers. If you need computer services and having PC issues like upgrade problems, networking concerns, or if your computer is running slow or has stopped working, we are here to fix your computer.

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Low Voltage Structured Cabling

Fully Certified, Licensed and Insured PLT Electrician and Technology Contractor. We can handle all your Network and Low Voltage Cabling needs. Cabling Infrastructure needs to be installed properly so your Internet and Phone Systems can do what you need them to do, WORK, so you can work.

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Buying / Upgrading a Computer

Is your computer too old or too slow that you’re thinking about buying a new computer? Perhaps it doesn’t have enough memory (RAM) and you need to install more. Maybe your hard drive is damaged, and needs to be replaced. There are a lot of computer upgrades that you can make to improve your computer’s overall performance, but whether to upgrade the existing equipment or replace it with a new one depends on lots of factors.

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Computer Maintenance

Regular computer maintenance is very important and is usually overlooked until there is a problem, but by then it’s often too late. All computers –whether for business or home use- require updates and maintenance to ensure they continue to function and operate properly, just like your car does..

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Computer Networking

Computer Networking is when 2 or more computers are connected to each other, allowing a group of computers the capability to share information between multiple systems. These Networked Computers are linked through networking devices and connect to your computer either wireless or with a cable.

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Data Recovery & Back Up

Information on your computer or network is as valuable as most of your other property. Unfortunately, “it’s not a matter of if, it is a matter of when” electronics have failures, and NEVER at convenient times. We always hear, “I was going to back up my data but then I got busy”.

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Server Maintenance

Many of our customers have us come in person or Remotely into their Servers and do regular Pro Active Maintenance once a week or once a month, whatever fits their needs. Our Service Contract clients have First Priority if a need arises. There are discounts to our hourly fees that are negotiated upon entering into a Service Contract.

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Website Development and Hosting

Establishing a strong Internet presence in this competitive and technology-driven world is a real challenge. Fortunately, The Computer Hero is here to guide you every step of the way, helping you make informed decisions every time. Whether you need a personal or business related website, our web design team can assist you in building a professional website that accomplishes your online goals.

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Computer Remote Access Support

The Computer Hero Remote Computer Support service is a time-saving way to troubleshoot and/or resolve many computer issues, including virus removal. No need to bring it in to our location and wait for a tech to diagnose it, no travel time, no bad roads or bad weather. Call us to set up a session and begin helping you as soon as possible

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